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We are pleased to announce we are now providing landscape service.

James Garcia a California license contractor with over 18 years of experience in Monterey county, and College education on ornamental horticulture will be providing the quality work you deserve. He also holds a pesticide applicator certificate through the state of California.

Specializing in:

Automatic Irrigation systems. Concrete work, Pavers, ponds, Plants, low voltage lighting , lawn installation , retaining walls, design, and much more.

James’ dedication to his trade is outstanding and will provide you with great detailed service. He will make designs for you and give you great ideas. He has the capacity to completely transform your landscape commercial or residential. If you are looking for quality work, detail and professionalism give him a call for your free estimate

Contemporary Gardens
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Rose Care

Now that your rose bushes are planted, growing, and producing beautiful buds and blooms, it is time to think about how to maintain their healthy and vital constitution. Our philosophy, here at the nursery, is to keep the roses as healthy as possible because a healthy plant will tend to naturally resist pest and disease problems.

We fertilize rose bushes and trees at the nursery with Master Nursery Formula 49 (8-4-4) every six weeks. An alternative food that we are very excited about is the new Maxsea Bloom formula (3-20-20), a water soluble organic based fertilizer. We also foliar spray weekly with Norwegian Kelp to keep fungus problems to a minimum. Kelp also increases blooms and improves the color of the bloom. Because we are not spraying with chemicals, lady bugs flourish and help with aphid problems early in the season. If we encounter a problem with worms, we simply add some BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis) to the sprayer. Also, because we are experiencing a wetter than normal Spring, we have been adding Neem Oil to the mixture as well to add another defense against powdery mildew, which will pass when temperatures warm up, and the dreaded blackspot.

As the weather warms, deadheading becomes important as well as even and consistent watering. Remember, roses love three things more than anything (except maybe your musings over them!) – Sun, Food, and Water.

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Tomato Tips

Recipe for “A Great Tomato”

  • Master Nursery Paydirt
  • Rock phosphate and/or dolomite limestone
  • Master Nursery Tomato/Vegetable Food (5-10-10)
  • Healthy tomato seedling
  • Ample water

Mix MN Paydirt, rock phosphate and/or dolomite lime into soil to a depth of 6″-12″. Add 2 lb. MN Tomato/Vegetable Food per 20 foot row. Plant tomato seedling and water evenly (MORE when it is HOT!).

Spread 5 tablespoons MN Tomato/Vegetable Food (5-10-10) around each plant 6 weeks after planting and one a month thereafter for continuous production.

Tips for growing “A Great Tomato”

  • Avoid diseases by planting VFNT varieties – indicates resistance to verticillium and fusarium wilts, nematodes, and tobacco mosaic
  • Blossom end rot can be controlled by adding calcium (lime) and watering evenly. Apply dolomite at planting time or use the new liquid calcium any time as a foliar spray. Water evenly – don’t let soil dry out before watering again.
  • Tomato hornworm (that big green critter that strips your plants before you know it!) is easily controlled by using Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) in spray or dust.

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