Day lilies with their exotic blooms makes a superb and easy to grow garden plant

Growing day lilies is so easy and as one of summer’s flowering delights the day lily deserves to be more widely grown and can be ordered easily over the internet.

Also known by their Latin name of hemerocallis, day lilies are native to the temperate areas of Japan, Siberia, China and Eurasia.

There are 15 known species of day lilies but only a few of these are grown in gardens today. The day lily species Hemerocallis minor, with its graceful grass-like foliage and vivid yellow flowers provides the garden with dense clumps of sweetly perfumed groundcover plants.

Day lily species Hemerocallis fulva ‘Kwanso’ has star shaped rusty red flowers and Hemerocallis liloasphodelus AGM is clump forming with delightful yellow flowers Both are very popular day lilies.

And the species day lily Hemerocallis dumortieri is late spring flowering with light yellow flowers and dark bud from May into June.

Daylilies readily hybridize and the modern day lily owes much to the work of Dr Arlow Burdette Stout who spent over 40 years at New York Botanical Gardens hybridizing and growing day lilies.

Stout is responsible for introducing about 100 cultivars of day lily and published the definite work on these plants, titled simply Daylilies.

The day lily is a remarkably tough and resilient plant able to survive with very little care and in a wide range of climates. So growing day lilies shouldn’t be much of a problem even for non-gardeners.

In fact the day lily is the ideal summer plant. And with careful selection you can have daylilies flowering from late spring well into the fall.