About Us

Bracken Garden has been an operating full-service retail nursery for over 50 years. Della Bracken had the vision and the energy to establish the nursery on the outskirts of Redding on the Highway. The story goes (according to Della) that because she ran out of gardening room at her house on Willis St., her husband, Donald, bought the 1/2 acre lot on Creek. Running through the length of the nursery, Creek gives a serene feeling, as do the immense trees planted by Mrs. Bracken. The original “shop” building and shade house is still in use.

Bracken Gardens, Then and Now

• “Small in size” and “large in service” are the mainstays of Jim and Amy’s philosophy in running their business.
• Premium quality plant material with an eye towards the unusual and #1 grade roses are specialties.
• Organic gardening products include soils, fertilizers, and pest controls.
• Extensive selection of hand tools, accessories, and gifts for the gardener, many of which are now available online for customers near and far.

Not everything is design in the creation of your garden, we project our works thinking about future maintenance .

Thus, all the works carried out are automated through the installation of automatic irrigation where we apply the latest technologies, aquatic mechanisms for lakes and ponds, and electrical installations with outdoor lighting. We have specialized machinery to carry out large- scale works.

With our technological systems and an appropriate choice of plant species , we create green areas in which the design and maintenance of your garden are exactly tailored to your needs .

Visitors are encouraged to take their time and wander down the paths of the nursery and listen to the birds and the sound of Creek sometimes gurgling and sometimes roaring! Oftentimes, the nursery cats, Kit Kit or her daughter, Bugsy, will greet you – that means asking for a friendly pat!