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Whatever you need to make your garden complete you’ll find it here. Simply browse through the various categories below to find what you’re looking for and then click through to a recommended supplier.


"Quality For Over 50 Years!" As is the gardener so is the garden

We are a gardening company based in Gulfport, MS specializes in different areas such as landscaping , design and construction of native gardens, Mediterranean garden, Japanese garden, Zen garden, and its variations. We also carry out design and construction of parks, lagooning, automatic irrigation systems. Visit our nursery where you can find any type of tree and plant for your garden, fruit trees, olive trees, palm trees, ornamental plant, native plants, horticultural plants and all kinds of plant material . With them you will create a garden design to your liking.

Garden Center

In our garden center you will also find an extensive selection of plants, ceramics, technology devices for automatic irrigation, decoration and our specialized staff to advise you on the design of your garden. If you wish we also have a wide selection of volcanic stone, rockery, and all kinds of materials used in the design and construction of your garden.

The gardening company Bracken Gardens covers a wide variety of works in design and maintenance of gardens, made in different public places – hotels, restaurants, … – using all kinds of plant material and ornamental elements (stone, madras, ceramics, etc. .). We obtain results like those you can see in our catalog .

For the design of your garden, we take into account technical data such as terrain geography , unevenness , water movements , etc. Our work is always carried out by specialized technical personnel.


As the garden grows so does the gardener.

Allways remember the beauty of the garden, for there is peace


We also specialize in Roses – Sorry, our 2017 Bareroot Rose season is over – Roses are available only at the nursery in 3 gallon pulp pots and there is still a good selection. Look for our 2017 Rose List in early November, ’03. We’ll start taking orders for #1 grade bareroot roses at that time – if you would like a reminder e-mail, let us know.

Spring is the busiest season at the nursery – veggie and flower gardens are being planted, lawns are seeded, and everyone here is ready for the season of rebirth and renewal. Be sure to check our always changing selection of Gardening Products to make your gardening easier and more pleasurable. We have some nifty gift items as well.

“Bracken Garden works for individuals, companies, public works and large landscaped areas. We are specialists in the design , construction and maintenance of any type of garden.”

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